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Public Auction #173 - Sunday November 30, 2014; 1:00 p.m.
Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 1150 Wellington Rd. South, London, ON, Canada

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Worldwide Stamps
145Austria #C57 1953 3s dark slate green Air Mail issue, very fine mint, never hinged..$125.00 Bid Photo
146Belgium #B160-62 1934 Anti-Tuberculosis issues the three top values from the semi-postal set, fine-very fine mint, the top two value are never hinged.. Estimated Realization $144.50 Bid Photo
147Carpatho-Ukraine 1944 Famous Women set and 1941-44 Postage Due set all overprinted CSP/1944, local issue for use at the Post Offices of Chust, Sevlus, Tacovo, Teresva, Rachov, and Volove and were valid until through March 15, 1945. The set complete (16) mint, 70f is creased otherwise very fine appearing and lightly hinged.. Estimated Realization $100.00 Bid Photo
148China (People's Republic) #592-599 1961 Horses set of eight complete, mounted (stuck?) in a commemorative folder issued by the Postal Administration, very fine..$277.50 Bid Photo
149China (People's Republic) #767-781 1964 Chrysanthemums set complete (15), very fine mint, never hinged..$710.00 Bid Photo
150China (People's Republic) #798b 1964 15th Anniversary of People's Republic strip of three, mint, never hinged and very fine appearing though a few faults..$325.00 Bid Photo
151Czechoslovakia #249 1938 50h deep green Pilsen issue, two copies overprinted for local use "Wir sind frei!" One copy with left margin symbol, the other lower margin miscut at right showing part of next stamp. Fine-very fine mint, lightly hinged and expert mark on gum of each.. Estimated Realization $25.00 Bid Photo
152Epirus #1-4 1914 Chimarra issue set complete, very fine mint, without gum as issued, sold "as is.".$1900.00 Bid Photo
153Germany #25 1872 9kr red brown issue, rounded corner perf at upper right otherwise very fine used..$400.00 Bid Photo
154Germany #161 1921 5pf claret issue, very fine used with a socked-on-the-nose cancel..$200.00 Bid Photo
155Germany #260 1923 250m on 500m red orange issue with a severely shifted surcharge, very fine mint, never hinged. (Catalogue value for normal is $90).. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
156Germany #309 1923 50mlrd blue and dark blue issue with Serrate Roulette perfs, very fine used..$675.00 Bid Photo
157Germany #B58 1933 souvenir sheet of four with stamps overprinted, vertical fold in center otherwise very fine mint, lightly hinged..$1350.00 Bid Photo
158Greece #251 1917 10l rose issue tied to ppc 21 MAR 19 to Yarmouth, NS received April 29, 1919 with a view of Salonique. This must be the worlds longest post card since it's a six panel fold out measuring 33" long. In good shape though fragile.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
159Italy #349-354 1935 Bellini set complete, fine-very fine mint, light hinge remnants..$204.00 Bid Photo
160Italy #J1 1863 10c yellow imperforate Postage Due issue, very fine mint, with Enzo Diena expertization mark on reverse, lightly hinged..$2000.00 Bid Photo
161Japan #551 1952 5y crimson rose Lottery souvenir sheet, very fine mint, never hinged..$120.00 Bid Photo
162Liechtenstein #3a 1915 25h dark blue Prince Johann issue printed on thin unsurfaced paper, very fine mint, light hinge remnant..$600.00 Bid Photo
163Reunion #109A 1933 50c on 45c violet and red orange issue, very fine used..$275.00 Bid Photo
164Romania #620 1946 600l dark olive green King Michael issue, 60 copies tied to registered cover Siret 9MAI47-8 to Montreal, Canada, very fine.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo

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