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Public Auction #175 - Sunday September 20, 2015; 1:00 p.m.
Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 1150 Wellington Rd. South, London, ON, Canada

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Worldwide Stamps
166Aegean Islands #C26-27 1933 Balbo Flight issue complete in strips of three, bit of toning at top of C27 otherwise very fine mint, never hinged..$105.00 Bid Photo
167Finland #4-5 1860 5k blue and 10k rose issues with serpentine roulette perforations (all perfs intact), fine-very fine used..$265.00 Bid Photo
168Finland #38-45 1889-92 Definitive set complete (8), overprinted SPECIMEN, fine-very fine mint, never hinged.. Estimated Realization $100.00 Bid Photo
169France 1924 50c Nimes Arena, unissued Olympic essay. Large Die Essay (114 x 153mm) in blue, very fine, some hinge remnants.. Estimated Realization $100.00 Bid Photo
170France #37 1869 5fr gray and lavender Napoleon III issue, couple of trivial thins visible on reverse otherwise fine-very fine with Paris star cancel..$825.00 Bid Photo
171Germany #553 1946 75pf deep ultra issue tied to cover black Breitbrunnich??? 28.4.47 cancel and wavy red US Civil Censorship MUNICH/30 4 47 cancel to Southern Rhodesia, fine-very fine.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
172Germany #C35, C48, C50 1928-34 Air Mail issues tied to card Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin 22.7.34 to Pernambuca, Brazil with Deutsche Luftpost Europa-Sudamerika in red and blue An Bord Des Luftschiffs 4/Sodamerikafahrt/1934/Graf Zeppelin, b/s Pernambuco 4A Seccao-Tarde 24 VII.34, very fine. Estimated Realization $75.00 Bid Photo
173Germany #C44, 454 1933 2m ultra Zeppelin issue and 1935 6pf dark geen issue tied to registered Zeppelin flown cover UETZE 3.5.35.-17 to Argentina with red cachet, very fine.. Estimated Realization $75.00 Bid Photo
174Hawaii #39, 74 1882 5¢ ultramarine tied by Honolulu JAN 27/7 AM/1894 duplex cancels to Toronto and 1894 1¢ yellow pair tied by concentric ring cancels to Hawaiian Stamp Co. ad cover, b/s Toronto 2/AP12/94 split ring cancel, fine-very fine.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
175Israel #202 1961 £1 Signs of the Zodiac issue on 27.2.61 First Day Cover signed Golda Meir, very fine.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
176Italy #175-76, 177a 1925 60c brown carmine and 1 lire dark blue both with horizontal double perforation and 1926 1.25 lire dark blue imperforate single, very fine used. Unusual!. Estimated Realization $100.00 Bid Photo
177Italy #280-289 1932 Anniversary of Garibaldi death set complete, fine-very fine used..$363.25 Bid Photo
178Italy #290-305 1932 10th Anniversary of the Fascist Government and march on Rome set, very fine mint, lightly hinged..$182.85 Bid Photo
179Italy #377-386, C95-99 1937 Bilimmenary of the birth of Emperor Augustus Caesar set complete very fine mint, light hinge remnants..$259.00 Bid Photo
180Italy #413-418 and Sassone #457A-C, the 1941 Rome-Berlin Axis set complete very fine mint, never hinged plus the three unissued values of the same design, very fine mint, lightly hinged..$185.00 Bid Photo
181Italy #574-576 1951 International Gymnastic Festival set complete, very fine used..$1800.00 Bid Photo
182Italy #C73-78 1934 King Victor Emmanuel Air Mail set complete, very fine mint, never hinged..$160.00 Bid Photo
183Somalia #9 1905 40c surcharge on 10a lilac, few shorter perfs otherwise fine-very fine used..$450.00 Bid Photo
184Switzerland #7O1-7O20 1950 overprinted issue for The United Nations European Office, the set complete, fine-very fine mint, top three values are never hinged, balance lightly hinged..$275.25 Bid Photo
185Bavaria #1 1849 1kr black, spectacular large four margin copy with portion of next stamps showing at top, left and bottom, tied by 217 numeral cancel, straight line MUNCHEN/8 JAN.1852.IX cancel, very fine. Michel #1, €5,000.. Estimated Realization $2000.00 Bid Photo

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