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Public Auction #173 - Sunday November 30, 2014; 1:00 p.m.
Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 1150 Wellington Rd. South, London, ON, Canada

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British Commonwealth Stamps
268Bahamas #106 1938 4p red orange and blue KGVI definitive issue tied to an illustrated commemorative cover SEA FLOOR Bahamas May 6, 1940, very fine and includes reproduction of an article from The Nassau Daily Tribune "Post Office On Bahamas Ocean Floor.". Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
269Bermuda #53 1910 10sh red and green KGV issue, very fine used..$425.00 Bid Photo
270Falkland Islands #22-29 1904-7 KEVII Definitive set complete, fine-very fine used..$485.55 Bid Photo
271Falkland Islands #29 1905 5sh red KEVII definitive issue, very fine mint, lightly hinged..$240.00 Bid Photo
272Hong Kong #1 1862 2¢ pale brown Queen Victoria issue, fine mint, some gum disturbance, lightly hinged..$550.00 Bid Photo
273Hong Kong #141, 142, 144 1921-37 30¢, 50¢ and $2 KGV issues tied to "Hold For First Flight Hong Kong to San Francisco" by Hong Kong Air Mail 6 AM/29 AP/37 cancel, very fine.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
274Jersey #J1-6 1969 firt Postage Due set complete (6), very fine mint, never hinged..$94.75 Bid Photo
275Maldive Islands #1757-1772 1992 Mysteries of The Universe set of 16 souvenir sheets, very fine mint, never hinged..$104.00 Bid Photo
276Montserrat #577b, 579a (Gibbons no.'s) 1981 QE Fish issues (2) with surcharges on incorrect issues, very fine mint, never hinged. Gibbons catalogue value £85.. Estimated Realization $75.00 Bid Photo
277New South Wales #29 1854 6d gray issue tied to 1857 registered cover by indistinct numeral cancel to Suffolk, England (additional stamp to make up rate is missing), m/s Registered letter Per R.M.S. Ship Simla, h/s d and m/s rated 6, some signs of age but generally fine-very fine. Catalogued just the value as a stamp..$125.00 Bid Photo
278New Zealand #61/68 accumulation of 25 stamps (5 different) each with advertising in reverse (21 different ads), fine used.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
279New Zealand #170 1920 1sh vermilion "Victory" issue, a left margin block of four, very fine mint, never hinged..$100.00 Bid Photo
280New Zealand #203-216 1936-41 Definitive set complete, very fine mint, lightly hinged..$82.20 Bid Photo
281New Zealand #CP VP1 1899 1sh Pidgeon Post issue with round violet cancel, odd rough perf as is usual for these, fine-very fine used.. Estimated Realization $150.00 Bid Photo
282Great Britain #1 1840 1p black Queen Victoria issue, nice four margin copy tied to cover by red Maltese Cross cancel, Herford D/AU 31/1840 double split ring cancel, early use - just three months after issue, vertical fold does not detract, fine-very fine..$625.00 Bid Photo
283Great Britain #1 1p black Queen Victoria issue with clear margins on all sides and a red cancel, may have a pressed out crease but very fine used..$300.00 Bid Photo
284Great Britain #5 1847 1sh pale green Queen Victoria issue tied to 1851 cover by numeral 211 cancel to New York, h/s red PAID and 5CENTS, m/s paid, per steamer, b/s circular DM/AP 17/1851, vertical fold does not detract, fine-very fine..$1100.00 Bid Photo
285Great Britain #7 1854 6p red violet Queen Victoria issue, an attractive horizontal pair with margins just touching, fine used..$1750.00 Bid Photo
286Great Britain #11 1855 1p red brown Queen Victoria issue, perf. 14, fine mint, lightly hinged..$625.00 Bid Photo
287Great Britain #11 1855 1p red brown Queen Victoria issue, perf. 14, fine-very fine mint, lightly hinged..$625.00 Bid Photo

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