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Public Auction #174 - Sunday April 26, 2015; 1:00 p.m.
Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 1150 Wellington Rd. South, London, ON, Canada

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British Commonwealth Stamps
281Australia #58 1919 £2 deep rose and black Kangaroo issue, fine-very fine mint, lightly hinged..$7000.00 Bid Photo
282Australia #95a 1928 Melbourne Exhibition issue, the Kookaburra pane of four, fine-very fine mint, never hinged..$300.00 Bid Photo
283Australia #152-54, 374-76, 379 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee set, very fine mint, lightly hinged and 1963 Definitive high value issues, fine-very fine mint, never hinged..$191.00 Bid Photo
284Australia #365-379 1963-65 Definitive set complete (15), very fine mint, lightly hinged..$250.80 Bid Photo
285Bahamas #84 1926 £1 green and black KGV high value Definitive issue, very fine mint, lightly hinged..$215.00 Bid Photo
286Bahamas #MR1-4 1918 War Tax set complete (4), fine-very fine mint, lightly hinged..$141.50 Bid Photo
287Cape Of Good Hope #69 1903 6p violet KEVII issue, a pair tied to registered bag tag by KOKSTAD JU 16 09 cancels to Durban, Natal with Durban receiver on reverse, fine-very fine.. Estimated Realization $25.00 Bid Photo
288Dominica #35-49 1907-1920 ½p to 5sh KEVII Definitive set complete, fine-very fine mint, lightly hinged..$317.75 Bid Photo
289Falkland Islands #21 1898 5sh brown red Queen Victoria issue, very fine mint, lightly hinged..$250.00 Bid Photo
290North Borneo #36-39, 41-43 1887-1892 1¢/10¢ issues in imperforate pairs including two extra of the 3¢, very fine mint, lightly hinged. Sold "as is.".$360.00 Bid Photo
291Rhodesia #34, 35, 38, 39 (Gibbons #47-50), 1896 2sh, 2sh6p, 5sh and 10sh issues with diagonal Specimen overprint, some light perf toning at top otherwise very fine mint, lightly hinged.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
292Rhodesia #213 1966 6d green, red and yellow issue, a vertical strip of six with fading overprint from top to bottom with bottom three stamps completely missing overprints. Very fine mint, never hinged and comes with a Philatelic Federation of Southern Africa Expert Committee certificate #6052 stating "the overprints are forgeries.". Estimated Realization $25.00 Bid Photo
293Rhodesia #234 1966 5sh Queen Elizabeth Definitive issue with a major shift of the brown colour resulting in "Albino Cattle" variety, very fine mint, never hinged. Normal included for comparison.. Estimated Realization $25.00 Bid Photo
294Rhodesia #245-248 1967 Dual Currency issues, 3p-2sh imperforate stamp proofs mounted on Mardon Printers cards (4), stamped Approved and signed by the Postmaster General, very fine.. Estimated Realization $100.00 Bid Photo
295Rhodesia #370 1976 16c Cheetah issue, very fine mint, never hinged with clear doubling of black lettering. Unique item!. Estimated Realization $25.00 Bid Photo
296Rhodesia and Nyasaland #141/155 1954-56 Queen Elizabeth set (minus 1p, 2½p) in bottom margin blocks of four, most with imprint, very fine mint, lightly hinged at top, bottom are never hinged..$425.40 Bid Photo
297Southern Rhodesia 1944 stampless P.O.W. lettersheet from Camp No 5 with violet h/s No 5 INTERNMENT CAMP/(SOUTHERN RHODESIA) and violet octagonal censor marking, addressed to Sicily, very fine.. Estimated Realization $75.00 Bid Photo
298Southern Rhodesia a selection of three WWII POW covers, 1940 to SWA, 1942 to SWA, and 1943 to Italy, all from different Internment Camps, fine-very fine.. Estimated Realization $75.00 Bid Photo
299Southern Rhodesia 1941 19th August, stampless cover endorsed 'LETTER IN GERMAN' with violet oval 'No.2 (TANGANYIKA) INTERNMENT CAMP / SALISBURY S. RHODESIA / 19 AUG 1941' cachet and additionally triangular 'PASSED BY CENSOR S. RHODESIA 14' strike below. South African 'OPENED BY CENSOR' label on reverse, to Tanganyika Territory. Uncommon.. Estimated Realization $75.00 Bid Photo
300Southern Rhodesia 7 Nov 1944 stampless lettersheet to Italian at 305 POW Camp MEF (Egypt) from Italian of same name, cancel on reverse P.O.W. 7.XI.44 E.A.C. front with h/s violet P/W/ MIDDLE EAST 278 and Crown inside octagonal PASSED DE/30 and black No 5 INTERNMENT CAMP/SOUTHERN RHODESIA, desirable POW to POW correspondence.. Estimated Realization $75.00 Bid Photo

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