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Public Auction #178 - Sunday June 26, 2016; 1:00 p.m.
Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 1150 Wellington Rd. South, London, ON, Canada

Viewing Begins 9:00 a.m. Day Of Sale

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Canada Stamps
453Canada #1 1851 3d red on laid paper with three large margins and just touching at right, fine-very fine used..$1200.00 Bid Photo
454Canada #2 1851 greyish blue Prince Albert issue on laid paper with large clear margins on all sides, very fine used with a very light pen cancel. Philatelic Foundation accompanies stating that color has been affected from an attempt to lighten the pen cancel..$2200.00 Bid Photo
455Canada #4 1852 3d red on wove paper with clear margins on all sides, very fine used..$300.00 Bid Photo
456Canada #8 1867 ½d rose Queen Victoria issue with fresh colour and large, well balanced margins, very fine used with a partial 4 ring numeral cancel..$1000.00 Bid Photo
457Canada #13a 1859 grey violet Prince Albert perforated issue, repaired tear at uppper right visible in fluid, otherwise fine used. V.G. Greene Foundation certificate accompanies..$5000.00 Bid Photo
458Canada #15 5¢ Beaver issue tied by four ring 18 cancel, Kingston AP 8/64 to Montreal, very fine.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
459Canada #18 12½¢ yellow green issue tied by Hamilton PM/NO 3/64 duplex cancel to Middlesex, England, very fine..$250.00 Bid Photo
460Canada #21 ½¢ black issue with fresh colour and well balanced margins, very fine mint, lightly hinged..$125.00 Bid Photo
461Canada #21-30 selection of ½¢ to 15¢ issues (17) with a range of shades, papers and cancels, fine or fine-very fine used..$1140.00 Bid Photo
462Canada #22 1¢ brown red issue with large margins on three sides, close at bottom, fine-very fine mint with glazed gum, lightly hinged..$700.00 Bid Photo
463Canada #22a 1¢ brown red issue showing C of watermark, fine used with Montreal duplex cancel..$300.00 Bid Photo
464Canada #23 1¢ yellow orange issue, fine mint, without gum..$800.00 Bid Photo
465Canada #23 1¢ yellow orange issue, very fine used with Saint John New Brunswick MA 9 1878 cancel..$250.00 Bid Photo
466Canada #24 2¢ green issue, couple shorter perfs at top right otherwise very fine mint, without gum..$1400.00 Bid Photo
467Canada #25 3¢ red issue, rounded corner perf at bottom right, otherwise fine-very fine mint, paper hinge remnant..$1750.00 Bid Photo
468Canada #25a 3¢ red issue showing LLS of watermark, couple of shorter perfs otherwise fine used..$250.00 Bid Photo
469Canada #26 5¢ olive green issue with glazed and lightly toned gum (may be regum), fine mint, lightly hinged..$800.00 Bid Photo
470Canada #28 12½¢ blue issue, fine-very fine mint, without gum..$1000.00 Bid Photo
471Canada #28a 12½¢ blue issue showing part of C (or G) of watermark, fine used..$300.00 Bid Photo
472Canada #29, 30 15¢ grey violet issue fine-very fine mint lightly hinged and 15¢ grey issue fine-very fine mint, without gum..$180.00 Bid Photo

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