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Public Auction #174 - Sunday April 26, 2015; 1:00 p.m.
Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 1150 Wellington Rd. South, London, ON, Canada

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Canada Stamps
541Canada #2 6d slate violet issue on laid paper, severe scuff with thin in center, repaired with a patch applied on reverse. Comes with a V.G. Greene Foundation Certificate. A great space-filler!.$1875.00 Bid Photo
542Canada #2b 1851 6d greyish purple Prince Albert issue on laid paper with large, clear margins, very fine used with a blue target cancel..$2500.00 Bid Photo
543Canada #4 3d red Beaver issue, 9 imperforate copies on various covers, none of which belong! These have all been added to stampless covers with various 1852-1853 cancels. Stamps appear to be fine and catalogue value is for stamps only..$1350.00 Bid Photo
544Canada #4 3d red Beaver imperforate issue tied to cover by target cancel, Bytown U.C. double split ring cancel AUG 24/1953 to Toronto with b/s Toronto double split ring AU 27/1853, file fold at right through stamp otherwise fine-very fine..$300.00 Bid Photo
545Canada #4 3d red Beaver issue with large margins on three sides and touching at bottom, fine-very fine used with a light cancel..$225.00 Bid Photo
546Canada #4 3d red Beaver issue, an imperforate pair just tied by blue target cancels, blue Brantford OC 7/1856 double split ring to Toronto with b/s Toronto OCT/8, couple light creases on cover otherwise a nice double rate item.. Estimated Realization $200.00 Bid Photo
547Canada #4a 1853 3d brown red Beaver issue with large, well balanced margins, very fine used with a blue target cancel..$350.00 Bid Photo
548Canada #7a 10p blue Cartier issue on thick white paper, large margins on all sides, very fine used..$3000.00 Bid Photo
549Canada #8 1/2d rose Queen Victoria issue with clear margins on all sides, very fine used with a bit of a smudged cancel..$1000.00 Bid Photo
550Canada #14 1¢ rose Queen Victoria issue tied by four ring 30 cancel, Peterboro, C.W. JY 17/1862 to Coboconk, m/s Printed Paper has been crossed out and stamp was pen cancelled, b/s Lindsay, Fenelon Falls, Coboconk, fine-very fine.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
551Canada #14 1¢ rose Queen Victoria issue tied by 4 ring 516 cancel, circular rate to Nova Scotia, front only.. Estimated Realization $100.00 Bid Photo
552Canada #14P 1¢ rose Queen Victoria issue, a proof block of ten on india with rich colour and well balanced margins, very fine..$2500.00 Bid Photo
553Canada #15/18 a group of 18 First Cents issue covers with 1¢ (9), 5¢ (4), 10¢ (3) and 12½¢ (2), with various cancels and destinations. Condition is mixed so close inspection is recommended.. Estimated Realization $350.00 Bid Photo
554Canada #25 a group of 3¢ red Large Queen covers (13), 1868-1869 cancels, condition a bit mixed so inspection recommended ..$325.00 Bid Photo
555Canada #26 6¢ dark brown issue on a duo of covers, St. John N.B. JY 6/68 to Pennsylvania and Ottawa AM/AU 4/68 to Illinois, both slightly reduced at left otherwise fine-very fine, (ex. Redford)..$250.00 Bid Photo
556Canada #42 1891 5¢ grey issue, a pair tied by Montreal OC 21/20-0/1896 flag cancel to Belgium via "S/S Lucania," double UPU rate, couple edge faults otherwise very fine.. Estimated Realization $200.00 Bid Photo
557Canada #34 1882 ½¢ black issue tied to Massey-Harris Co. wrapper by Toronto roller cancel, very fine and scarce ½¢ thiord-class matter rate.. Estimated Realization $250.00 Bid Photo
558Canada #35 1873 1¢ yellow issue tied to up-rated 1¢ Jubilee postal stationery card by Toronto AUG 6/1 PM/97 orb cancels to London, England with London 7 AM/AU 14 97 receiver on face, fine-very fine.. Estimated Realization $75.00 Bid Photo
559Canada #35 1¢ yellow tied to advertising cover Southampton, Ont. MY 1 97 to Parry Sound, flap missing otherwise fine-very fine, Printed Matter Rate.. Estimated Realization $50.00 Bid Photo
560Canada #36 1872 2¢ green issue tied by segmented cork cancel to England, reverse with blue Montreal Merchants AUG/18/1876 cancel and Poole A/AU30/76 receiver, very fine and scarce 2¢ circular rate to England.. Estimated Realization $250.00 Bid Photo

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